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We are an ISO certified metal work engineering company based in Elland, West Yorkshire. We specialise in sheet metal of all material grades, we have 3 CNC punch machines with the AMADA being the newest and most powerful ,2 CNC press brakes using up to 100 tons of pressure, fabrication and welding of aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel using MIG & TIG methods, 5 metal spinning lathes with 3 trainer operators, fly press machines and an ancillary department on site. We also offer various different finishing options including powder coating, wet spraying, anodising, chrome plating, galvanising and metal polishing. We are looking to expand our network and customer base. We traditionally work in lighting, air conditioning and other such industries. With the new vision of the company we are looking to expand into many other industries including Rail, Automotive and any other suitable sectors.