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National Physical Laboratory Location: HD1
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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) based in Huddersfield work closely with SME manufacturers to help solve manufacturing challenges especially where any element of measurement or sensing is involved, including the digitalisation of processes. Local expertise includes co-ordinate measurement, other aspects of dimensional measurement, surface finish measurement, image analysis, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and digitalisation.

We are also able to provide support from our circa 1,000 science and engineering colleagues located at other sites in other areas of interest including temperature, pressure, humidity measurement, force, mass, DIC, strain measurement, gas analysis, environmental measurements, DC & LF electrical measurements, RF & Microwave and antenna testing and analysis. We often run schemes especially for SME companies to help them to obtain our support including the latest ‘Measurement for Recovery (M4R) scheme’. Finally, we also run a network of events under the NPL Manufacturer Measurement Network banner which are all targeted at helping businesses to gain new knowledge in areas of interest to them. More information can be found on our website.

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Measurement of complex geometries, safety critical parts and where the highest degree of confidence in measured values is required.