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IT for Manufacturers – Rochester & Associates Ltd
We specialise in helping manufacturers to get real value from their IT systems.

Manufacturers need their IT systems to work effectively as downtime can be detrimental to the business and is often a worry. Our proactive approach to IT systems helps to prevent issues before they happen, significantly reducing downtime and increasing peace of mind in terms of compliance and security.

We’re a straight-forward, straight-talking Yorkshire IT firm with a proven track record. We listen to our clients and we work together, we’re a team. Our extensive knowledge of how to interface machinery, networks, and CAD systems and experience of ERP and MRP are essential elements for many manufacturers. If you need help with hardware/software supply, configuration, setup, antivirus, broadband and backup systems in addition to regular or ad-hoc IT support, get in touch.

Our clients include Silsden Boats, Vexica lighting, and Bond It (Adhesive manufacturers), based in Elland.

Examples of how we have helped manufacturing clients include:
• Installation of a CNC water jet cutting machine
• Installation of a CNC router
• Installation of a CNC laser cutter
• Research, Testing and implementation of an EDI invoicing system
• Configuration of bending machines
• Installation of a CAD suite directly connected to the machinery
• Installation of remotely accessible CCTV systems
• Provisioning for additional ‘Portakabin’ offices
• Linking systems and networks across multiple sites
• Integrating systems, printers and databases
• Configuring and backing up servers and databases
• Support in applying for ISO27001 from an IT perspective
• Reviewing and producing compliance reports for systems
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How many IT headaches can we help you remove – for free!
Our Free IT Review can highlight potential issues that you can then address and provides all your relevant IT information in one place which is useful for insurance purposes. You get all the options available to you in plain English and the chance to discuss your business requirements ensuring your IT systems are running as efficiently as possible.