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Established in 1982, we have more than thirty years experience in organisational development. Over the last three years we’ve worked with one hundred and forty-seven client organisations, more than four hundred and fifty senior managers, and over eleven hundred managers, to help them improve their organisations.

Fathom are people who like people, and organisations, and learning. We want organisations to be successful, well-managed, and ethical and our work is dedicated to bringing this about.

o We help leaders, managers and teams to be better.
o We provide directors, managers and trainers with professional skills.
o We strengthen an organisation’s knowledge, understanding and intelligence.
o We facilitate rewarding cultures.
o We promote professional, ethical and people-centred business practice.

Our aim is to build the insight, commitment and capability of the organisations with whom we work.

Working with Fathom:

At Fathom Learning, we are absolutely committed to working in the best interest of your organisation and to achieving the outcomes that you ask of us. Every one of our people will strive to apply the highest standards of integrity and we guarantee confidentiality, respect and honesty in our relationship with you.

We believe that every organisation is unique and know that we have to be versatile to respond to your particular set of needs and circumstances. We will work hard to understand you and we will respect your existing insight and expertise. We will listen to you.