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DNA Business Engineering Ltd Location: HG1
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“Sometimes you need an outsider looking in to help
you gain focus on how to achieve your future
objectives”. DNA Client
DNA’s three pillars support your growth.
Strategy – to energise, inspire and focus how far you
can take your business. Agreeing KPI’s to help
measure month by month. We will work alongside
you, building your plan the way you want, for the time
you need, from a 90 day plan to a five year strategy.
Culture – bringing your team on board with your
vision can be the greatest catalyst for change, DNA
have tools to help you achieve this, as well as a series
of personal development & skills training modules.
Communications – your products and services
communicated, using brand and web development
will take your vision and translate these in to
marketing communications, that sell your message
on-line month by month.
DNA’s team have a passion & track record, over
decades, for helping manufacturing & supply chain
business owners achieve beyond their perceived
ambitions. By releasing your true potential and
communicating this to your world.
If you’d like to talk, we’d like to listen and help you
take action.