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3M Buckley Innovation Centre Location: HD1
Business Support Goods/Services

A 3,600 sq.m. purpose built specialist environment creating a business facing centre for collaboration and research.

The 3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3MBIC) will act as a catalyst to promote Business to Business and Business to Higher Education collaborations delivering commercial opportunities via flexible access to its technical and research facilities.

The laboratories and workshops will house a range of specialist equipment and resources for use in short to medium term collaborative and
applied research and development projects involving researchers and wider support from the University.

The 3MBIC will comprise open plan, shared desk and individual rentable units in a range of sizes and workshop and laboratory space.

The 3MBIC will bring together and actively support all the key elements required to support successful business growth including access to new markets, traditional and alternative funding support and access to technology and skills partners.

The 3MBIC will provide a unique environment allowing business to use its state of the art facilities, capital equipment and services.

The 3MBIC will seek to increase research and development, innovation and technology transfer and will create an atmosphere of dynamism, entrepreneurship and embed creativity as a natural process of its surroundings.

The 3MBIC is the environment in which business has the opportunity to thrive.

Through the infrastructure of the building, facilities management arrangements and business development interventions, the 3MBIC will house start up’s, SME’s, large corporate and University Programmes. These dynamic interactions will promote supply chain and demand led innovation.

The 3MBIC will work with tenant businesses to ensure their success in national and international markets, and encourage open innovation by providing a range of commercial, technical and support services to a high standard and assist in establishing a systematic approach to promoting relationships with other companies.

The 3MBIC will be able to facilitate access to local, regional, national and international business support networks and the centre will be a focus for inward investment. These partner networks will be exploited for the benefit of tenant companies.