Run by manufacturers for manufacturers

How well are you promoting your business?

Led by experts in each field our member meeting covered:

The Importance of Brand – even for SME manufacturing business in Yorkshire

Differentiation – why it is important for every business

Lead Generation – Strategy & Tactics

with The Marketing Centre who offer part-time Marketing Directors to work in your business

An introduction to what PR is (and isn’t!)

Some advice to help define your story/point of difference (i.e. why you deserve to be in the headlines)

An outline of some of the tools you could use to promote your business via PR

with Scriba PR.  For more info on Scriba click here 
Putting a price on value: value added sales techniques

Sell more today: The Opportunity Grid – sell more of your products to more of your customers

Sell more tomorrow: New Products, New Markets, New Busines
If you can’t be the cheapest, be the best – Order Qualifiers and Order Winners
Don’t give it all away – put a price on Value

With The Lean Consortium. For more info on The Lean Consortium click here



An excellent informative evening and opportunity to network with other manufacturers