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Siddall & Hilton Products Ltd Location: HD6
Engineering Fabrication Goods/Services

Wire Product Manufacturer: Products include wire coat hangers, wire container handles, wire ties, MIG welding Reels, hydraulic hose armouring, welded wire mesh, security fencing panels, razor barb, expanded metal sheets, gabions.

Wire coat hangers: a leading European manufacturer in the very competitive dry cleaning market.
Wire container handles: a leading worldwide manufacturer of wire handles to the high volume plastic container industry.
Wire ties: Europe’s leading wire tie (bag tie) manufacturer
Sundry wire products: Butchers Meat Hooks, Twisted Skewers, Tent Pegs, Tying Wires
MIG welding Reels: the UK’s sole manufacturer of the Stein K300 welding wire reel.
Hydraulic hose armouring: in both in wire and plastic has become a key product offering.

Welded mesh fencing products: Security fencing galvanised to BS EN 10244-2:2001, Class A, Expanded metal fencing panels manufactured from hot rolled steel plate, Aluminium roll formed post and stainless steel clip system, Robust and secure double wire fencing panels applications widely used in perimeter protection, Galvanised and powder coated anti-climb fencing systems,Aegis heavy duty, anti-climb welded mesh intruder barrier panel, Industrial Mesh products

Chiltern Springs brand: Specialising in serpentine springs (zig zags), tension springs and single/double cone springs, the company also offers a range of assemblies to meet customer requirements.