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Biobax Ltd Location: HD8
Chemical Consumer Goods Environmental Goods/Services

BioBax manufactures and distributes British-made environment-friendly products. Zybax microbiological products use ‘friendly’ bacteria to break down organic waste efficiently, safely and naturally. Manufactured and developed by us in Skelmanthorpe. Meleco is a handy lightweight sponge that is the ideal cleaning aid for a multitude of jobs. Not manufactured in the UK so bought from the German factory and packed by us in Skelmanthorpe. Paper Straws Yorkshire are actually manufactured in London by some really good friends and for bulk deliveries, shipped direct or sent to Skelmanthorpe for smaller, local deliveries. Aktivora, the 2-step clean and sanitise solution; easily and safely destroys bacteria, viruses, mould, algae. Manufactured under license by us in Skelmanthorpe.