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Questionnaire on recruitment practices among CKMA member manufacturers.

Our focus in Q1 of 2024 is on skills – attracting young people, recruitment and retention. 

We know this is a big issue for the industry and our members and have commissioned a University of Bradford student to do some research. We’d be grateful for members’ help with our research.

This piece of work will feed into other projects CKMA are working on with other organisations throughout the year.

There is a participant notice sheet for information here  then click here to take the survey which should take about 10-15 mins.

There will also be an opportunity to speak to the student undertaking the research at our event on the 21st February.

You can read more informatioin about this information gathering exercise here.

Please do support this piece of work.  We are also looking for some more in-depth discussions and will approach individual companies.

Please contact us via the contact form if you are happy to take part.