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Industry Placement Opportunities

At Kirklees College we are dedicated to supporting our students with building the skills they need for their future careers. This year some of our students have the opportunity to undertake an extended industry placement with an external employer. This will allow them to put their academic learning into practice, develop their technical skills and gain valuable experience in a real working environment.

Employers hosting a placement could benefit by building a talent pipeline, encouraging fresh and new ideas in to their business, and the development of their staff when mentoring students. Feedback from employers who are already offering a placement has been that it is a positive experience.

Industry Placements are a minimum of 315 hours (2 days per week over 6 months), they are unpaid, and are supported by dedicated Industry Placement Officers to help both the student and employer get the most from the experience.

Only with the commitment and support of our local employers can we offer this opportunity and better prepare our students to make the transition in to work. Some funding is available to support employers in overcoming barriers and enable them to offer quality industry placements.

 Interested, contact the Employer Engagement team on 0800 781 3020 or email