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IMPLEMENTING PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT: Did you know there is a lot of support available for manufacturers looking to improve efficiency which can ultimately increase profitability?

Is inefficiency holding your business back in these challenging times?

What are the barriers/issues in your business which are holding back productivity?  Systems that don’t speak to each other?  People working in silos? Machine down-time? Too much non-value-add activity? Ineffective management/supervisors/teams? Stock issues? Cultural challenges – “we have always done it this way…”

Come along and hear from three CKMA sponsors with specialist knowledge and experience of working with manufacturing members who will outline how they can help make companies more efficient through streamlining systems, providing data to inform decision-making, work with your people to improve motivation and productivity and more…

Followed by an update on the many schemes currently offering financial support to help SMEs become more productive, profitable and sustainable for a brighter future.

Postponed until further notice but please book if interested in revised date

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