Run by manufacturers for manufacturers

Awesome is a much over-used word in current times however CKMA members who joined the visit on the 26th April were truly in awe when shown around the vast factory and the range of equipment in constant use at Broadbents.

Broadbents are well known for their centrifuges used in many different sectors globally, however they do so much more and have a back-history of manufacturing and servicing many large-scale products in their 150 years of production.

A fascinating presentation demonstrated the absolute top-level  innovation, technology and scientific knowledge used in the design of their products.

What is less well-known is that Broadbents also are sub-contractors for large scale work utilising their massive range of equipment.

There was a real buzz in the room with company leaders and engineers enjoying the opportunity to meet the team and also to be inspired.

Huge thanks go to all the team at Broadbents for sharing their story, inspiring our members and for wonderful hospitality.