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CKMA working for members on the skills agenda

The Alliance has been working hard over recent months to develop a locally supported, meaningful programme of engineering and manufacturing-focused skills and training outcomes that can be offered within the region. This activity has been driven by the need to create a sustainable, practical and appropriately structured series of learning pathways that accurately reflect what the CKMA membership actually want and need.

Working closely with one of the region’s leading colleges we are now excited to be progressing our project to the next, interactive, phase. Over the coming months CKMA will be seeking to consult directly with our members and understand and document those areas of skills development that are most critical to the development of your business.  

Achieving high levels of engagement in this process will allow us to provide more targeted and more appropriate training and skills outcomes that the whole region desperately needs. We look forward to working with you.

IF THIS IS OF SPECIFIC INTEREST TO YOU AND YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE AND GET INVOLVED PLEASE CLICK HERE If you know other companies who are interested please encourage them to take part too.


Skills Audit – Engineering and Manufacturing, Leeds City Region

In a complementary piece of work Brook Corporate have been commissioned to conduct comprehensive Business Skills Audits of the Engineering and Manufacturing sector throughout Leeds City Region (LCR).

CKMA have agreed to host an online discussion where Brook will explain more about this project and how it will help skills provision in the future.  The more manufacturers we can engage with for the research the more informative the results will be.

The Business Skills Audit will take form via a questionnaire that covers the technical skills and knowledge required by the sub-sectors as well as the behaviours, attitudes and attributes desired by employers that align to job roles and functions. It will highlight what provision and support the sector is currently accessing and where it feels it needs additional support and what that support looks like with the aim to make significant improvements in skills provision through collaboration between businesses and education that will develop a coherent and effective skills offer across LCR.

Brook are looking to engage with business owners, HR and Operations Managers, Learning and/or Development Leads or the most appropriate individual within the business that has oversight on the immediate and future skills needs of its members of staff.
This project will:
• Establish a meaningful dialogue with the sector that results in collaborative ways of working
• Identify the current and future needs of a representative sample of the sector
• Gather robust qualitative data and intelligence on companies’ views on the quality and relevance of current provision to inform further testing and quantitative questioning with the sector
• Identify gaps in the market
• Identify additional/emerging needs, possibly Digital skills
• Identify current and future job roles within the sector, which will inform future labour market requirements
• Highlight the range of skills provision required by individual companies and the sector to upskill their workforce to ensure sustainability and growth
• Highlight the level of competence and technical knowledge college leavers and graduates have when starting employment

Skills audits will take roughly 60 minutes and reports are to be signed by the business before submitting.

To attend the online discussion on Friday 23rd April at 2pm please book here