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Innovation in Supply Chain, WYCA 


Connecting small and medium-sized businesses to wider Supply Chain opportunities. 

It will focus on adopting innovative approaches to improving supply chain performance in the client businesses. This involves accessing regional, national and international opportunities for businesses, looking beyond existing core markets, exploring diversification into new sectors, delivering operational improvement and building resilience. 

 Support to address the current challenges to growth, innovation and sustainability faced by SME businesses as a result of Brexit, the uncertainty around the future of trade deals, rising inflation, a drive to Net Zero and the impact of a global pandemic. 

 This programme is open to West Yorkshire-based businesses (Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Halifax) .  It will:


  • Enable SME businesses to start, scale, and grow though accessing wider Supply Chain opportunities, through the Supply Chain North portal. 
  • Look at how an innovative approach in the business can improve supply chain performance.  
  • Maximise the supply chain opportunities arising from the significant inward investment taking place across West Yorks. 
  • Maximise the wider UK and international supply chain opportunities for the local West Yorks business community. 
  • Raise awareness across the business community regarding supply chain opportunities. 
  • Stimulate innovation and product development to enter new supply chain opportunities e.g., ‘supply chain innovation challenges’. 
  • Provide contracting and procurement advice. 
  • There will be a cross region Supply Chain Portal where opportunities in Large Enterprise Supply Chains will be matched to local SME provision. 

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