Run by manufacturers for manufacturers

A few words from our Chairman, Martin Booth of Witt UK Group

The CKMA steering group has made great strides over the last six months to further the original objectives of the CKMA.

Two key initiatives have been pioneered: –

1)      Make it in Manufacturing

Attracting young people and their careers advisers to see manufacturing and production as great career opportunities.  Events showcased local manufacturing businesses making exciting products..  These events were hugely successful, with extremely positive feedback from teachers, students and manufacturers. We had great support from both councils, and the LEP teams. We know we have inspired young people and the good news is we have backing for 2019! To get involved contact

2)      Skills Agenda

CKMA recognise that this is an issue for many of our members and there is increasing concern relating to the loss of skills and the recruitment of young people.  For the companies that have been successful in attracting young people they have a further challenge in finding a suitable training facility to ensure the skills they need are being taught. The steering group, along with other organisations, are looking at how CKMA might offer support in this area in the future.  It’s still not too late to complete the survey. Contact

I wish all members and contacts a Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in 2019!